5 Movies About Sister Drama

5 Movies About Sister Drama

Got sisters? You’ve probably experienced sister drama. If you’ve ever wished you were an only child, even for a moment, you’re sure to enjoy this list I wrote for Womensforum.com on 5 Movies About Sister Drama.

7 Ways to Wear a Jean Jacket Now

Did you know that jean jackets are fashionable again? Learn how to style a jean jacket in your wardrobe, to make all your closet classics look new.

Top 10 Back-to-School 2013 Fashion Trends

Teens may not like going back to school, but they love to flaunt their fashionista side and show they’re up on the latest style trends. I round up The 10 Hottest Fashion Trends for Back to School 2013 in this style article for Myjellybean.com.

5 Movies About Vacations Gone Wrong

If you’ve ever been on a vacation gone wrong, you know how frustrating it can be when a well-planned pleasure trip turns into a disaster. I wrote this article about 5 Movies About Vacations Gone Wrong for my Movie Therapy blog at Womensforum.com. These flicks make a pretty good good case for staying at home, … Continue reading


Fresh No-Cook Summer Pasta Sauce Recipe

Does your family look forward to pasta night? You don’t have to stop serving pasta when the warm weather arrives. In this recipe I wrote for my Kid-Friendly Food blog at Womensforum.com, I help readers beat the heat in the kitchen, and keep spaghetti night alive, by serving this Fresh No-Cook Pasta Sauce Recipe for … Continue reading

What to Pack for a Summer Weekend Trip

Summer means weekend getaways, as cottage invitations and attractions at nearby towns offer a chance to get away from the everyday. When packing for a weekend trip in summertime, we all want to look fashionable, but not have to lug a huge suitcase around. In this article for Womensforum.com, What to Pack for a Summer … Continue reading

Picnic Table Workout Plan for a Great Summer Body

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5 Movies About Summer Romance

Steamy summer days and nights inspire thoughts of passion and romance. But if you’ve ever experienced the bittersweet pleasure of a summer fling, you know the drama that can come with the territory. You also know that sometimes you might hook up with someone over the summer, who you wouldn’t ever consider dating the rest … Continue reading

Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Theme

I’m a big fan of Marilyn Monroe and of the Hollywood bombshell glam esthetic in general. While revamping my own bedroom d├ęcor, I got inspired to create this Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Theme, which I spun into an article for Myjellybean.com readers, complete with decorating ideas and shopping tips.

4 Ways to Wear a White Blazer This Summer

A white or off-white blazer is a great summer fashion staple that can work with many of your summer outfit choices. I love tossing a light-colored blazer over simple outfits in the summer to upgrade them for the office (my day job). It’s a great way to instantly add chic to your look, not to … Continue reading